17 Jul 2017


As some of you are aware Mr T's journey towards ordination has been a bit of a rocky one not just for himself but, also, a non-believer, myself. Still, in the words of Tammy Wynette what can a woman do but stand by her man?

And so without further ado I give you four of my favourite ordination pics ...

Any one know how to preserve the Mr T cake topper so kindly made by his vicar? The chair is ginger cake, the Mr T figure, I'm presuming easier to preserve, sugar.

11 Jul 2017


Hello fellow bloggers, hello Kelly (you can find her review of the book on her blog tomorrow) and our fellow readers at the Arkansas Book Club whom I'm delighted to be 'joining' tonight with my thoughts on  ...


BACK COVER BLURB: It is 1964: Bert Cousins shows up at Franny Keating's christening party uninvited and notices a heart stoppingly beautiful woman. When he kisses Beverly Keating, his host's wife, he sets in motion the joining of two families, whose shared fate will be defined on a day seven years later. In 1988, Franny Keating, now twenty-four, is working as a cocktail waitress in Chicago. When she meets the famous author Leon Posen one night at the bar, and tells him about her family, she unwittingly relinquishes control over their story...

FIRST SENTENCE {1}: The Christening party took a turn when Albert Cousins arrived with gin.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: Oh dear! I seem to have returned the book along with the post-it-note denoting my Memorable Moment before actually making a note of that very Memorable Moment. TT

SOURCE: A library book.

READ FOR: Not applicable.

MY THOUGHTS: Summed up, reading Commonwealth felt like having one of those one-way 'conversations' with an acquaintance that, despite your having tried your best to avoid them, now that they have you cornered, are boring you silly relating stories of family members and events that, reverberating back and forth over the generations, you have trouble keeping track of.  

Alas, this wasn't a book for me. My stubbornness to give up on a novel/my fear that, like some readers I'll pick a pre-determined number of pages beyond which, if I'm not enjoying a book, I'll give up on it, only to find that I have in fact missed out on what turns out to be an amazing read the only thing that kept me going until the end.

6 Jul 2017


For those of you who are regular visitors to Pen and Paper you will doubtlessly know that I don't often feature music but I couldn't resist sharing this, the theme tune from a drama both Mr T and I have been enjoying ....

Taken from the drama Broken, written by Jimmy McGovern and starring Sean Bean (not an actor who Mr T normally rates it has to be said), an incredibly moving drama. It's the kind of programme that has you both despairing of mankind whilst at the same time renewing your faith in it. 

Showing over six weeks in one hourly episodes (here in England we watched the last episode on Thursday), Broken tells the story of Father Michael Kerrigan (Sean Bean), a Catholic Priest in Manchester(or there abouts) who, whilst serving his community and congregation (a congregation struggling to reconcile its beliefs whilst facing the challenges of poverty, gambling, Homophobia and life lived in a mixed race community etc), is battling his own childhood demons (shown in flashbacks). 

It isn't often I recommend anything on Pen and Paper but if you enjoy gritty dramas with a social conscience you could do worse than to watch this.

29 Jun 2017


Today I'm proud to be participating in the Book Tour of ...


BACK COVER BLURB: It’s what’s inside that counts…

Art student and former model Diana has always been admired for her beauty but what use are good looks when you want to shine for your talent? Insecure and desperate for inspiration, Diana needs a muse.

Facially disfigured four-year-old Cal lives a life largely hidden from the world. But he was born to be looked at and he needs love too. A chance encounter changes everything; Cal becomes Diana’s muse. But as Diana’s reputation develops and Cal grows up, their relationship implodes.

Both struggle to be accepted for what lies within.
Is it possible to find acceptance in a society where what’s on the outside counts for so much?

SOURCE: Received from Karen Bultiauw, Marketing & Publicity Coordinator. Accent Press.

READ FOR?: Not applicable.

MY THOUGHTS: Well! It would seem Laura Wilkinson has done it again. Honoured to have read and reviewed two of her other books; both of which, like Skin Deep have relationships at their heart. Both of which in their own way, like Skin Deep, proved  to be very moving.

A sort of modern day Beauty And The Beast though to be honest I'm not altogether sure just which was which. Whether it was Diana, art student and one time model who, though still able to turn heads, I found myself constantly questioning; doubting whether she was quite as beautiful inside as she was out OR whether it was Cal who, outwardly badly facially disfigured, I found my heart going out to as he struggled to be accepted.

Seen from both their points of view. In many ways both products of their upbringing (to say any more might be to include spoilers, you'll have to read the book for yourselves), suffice to say as their relationship grows so it slowly implodes. 

Beautifully written. Diana's and Cal's stories so eloquently told, it is this that is the mainstay of the book, it is through them that we get to meet so many other wonderfully drawn characters as, told both in the past and in flashback, we discover not only them but also ourselves.






Laura Wilkinson

Liverpool born, Laura is a taff at heart. She has published six novels for adults (two under a pseudonym) and numerous short stories, some of which have made the short lists of international competitions. Public Battles, Private Wars, was a Welsh Books Council Book of the month; Redemption Song was a Kindle top twenty. The Family Line is a family drama set in the near future, looking at identity and parenting. Her latest is Skin Deep. Alongside writing, Laura works as an editor & mentor for literary consultancies and runs workshops on aspects of craft. She’s spoken at festivals and events nationwide, including the Frome Festival, Gladfest, University of Kingston, The Women’s Library and Museum in Docklands. She lives in Brighton with her husband and sons.


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